14 August 2010

back in the US

I'm back babydolls!

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm back in the good ol' US of A. Looks like it's all the chili cheese fries, and milkshakes and choices I want for now. I would like to say that my two years in Togo flew bye and looking back there are brief moments where I say, "wow it's already been two years". But in actuality, I felt every one of those 800-ish days. It is definitely good to be back, especially around my family and friends. Yet it's also weird. People say it's culture shock but I think it's more like a lack of culture shock. I mean I experienced real culture shock moving to Togo where EVERYTHING was new and different. Coming back to America, yes everything was different from Togo, but it was all familiar in a dream sort of way. I keep pinching myself thinking I'm going to wake up or that perhaps my time in Togo was some sort to not so bad nightmare. I don't know. Okay before I ramble too much more I'll say thanks for reading. Sorry for sucking as a writer but I do have to say you suck as a reader/follower of my blog so screw you :)

off to my next big adventure: graduate school. if i have the energy, maybe i'll blog about that too...

- Nikhil

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